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Robotiq recently released its new URCaps packages for both the 2-Finger Gripper and the Force Torque Sensors. These packages can be installed and used with the Universal Robots simulator, URSim.

You simply need to make sure you get the latest URSim version (3.3.X.XXX). If your computer operating system is not Linux, you will need to install a software to run the URSim virtual machine (VMWare Player or VirtualBox). To download and to get more information on URSim, visit the Universal Robots support website (

The next step is to download the URCaps installation file for your Robotiq device (download at and unzip the content on a USB stick. Now you need to connect the USB stick to your virtual machine, and therefore disconnect it from the host - your computer. Once the USB stick is available to the virtual machine, you can copy the .urcap file from your USB key to the ‘’programs’’ folder of the Polyscope you want to use (UR3, UR5 or UR10).

The rest of the installation procedure is the same as if you were to install the URCaps on an actual UR controller. You can view the step-by-step procedure in the proper instruction manual on the Robotiq support website (

To control the 2-Finger Gripper or a Force Torque Sensor, you have to connect the device to a power supply. You also have to connect it via the USB adapter to a USB connector of your computer.

You are now ready to test your programs with URSim using the Robotiq device you have!


Hi pros,

Here is a procedure that explains how to manually start the Gripper driver in a Virtual Machine. This way, you can control a real gripper from URSim.

Hope this helps