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jensssjensss Posts: 23 Apprentice
edited April 2020 in Programming

Is it possible to create a client server with python?
So that the robotursim asks for data. then the data can be forwarded via python. I've read this somewhere but I can't get there. attached you can see my python program and polyscope program. In python I get the message that asks for data. but otherwise it is not executed. as a reaction of the polyscope I do get b'asking_for_data'. If I change my python program to b'asking_for_data' it still doesn't work.
How can you make sure that you can send data to the ursim via python?

Thank you in advance for your reaction


  • jelmsjelms Posts: 34 Handy
    Try simplifying to just a single float to start with. I think the error is in your python line that sends an incorrectly formatted string. The `]` and following are not compatible with UR socket communication.

    It may be easier for others to help if you post text python instead of a png.
  • jensssjensss Posts: 23 Apprentice

    thank you for your response
    in my code I don't use [ ], just ()
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