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AlexAlex Posts: 1 Recruit
 Hi all,

I am working with URs on a small project. I would like to program an application for collecting data through PROFINET interface on URs and PLC of Siemens. In fact, my recent application could get state signals such as standard and configurable digital outputs (state of I/O) by using RTDE and TCP/IP ,... but with PROFINET I/O, I have no idea on receiving them.

Is is possible for us to collect Profinet signals through I/O registers variables and functions such as ''read_output_boolean_register(address)'' or ''write_output_boolean_register(address, value)"... in real-time? 

It would be great if you might share me solutions to resolve my problem. 

Thank you in advance!


  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,267 Handy
    So Profinet will use a subset of the RTDE registers that are available (at least as of a few versions ago) for you to access in the Polyscope program via script using the read/write register methods that you listed.  Profinet will provide linkage between the Siemens PLC and the robot allowing you to create tags in the PLC that will be kept up to date with the value that is in those registers in real time.

    Could you describe more about what you are trying to do?  Are you trying to use the PLC to control robot actions, monitor the robot with the PLC to display robot state on an HMI, etc.  All of that is possible with the Profinet connection between the PLC and the robot, you still need to handle what it is that you want to do with the registers as its a two way communication between the two systems.  There are inputs that the robot can receive directly from the PLC and there are outputs the robot can set that the PLC will receive in real time.  

    There are also a lot of more registers available to the PLC that are not directly accessible on the robot via reading the registers such as program state, safety state, position of the arm in TCP and joint angles, status of the digital/analog IO, ability to control the IO on the robot directly from the PLC, etc.  It is an extremely powerful tool that allows for some very advanced applications to be developed.
  • Tengo un problema podrían ayudar ?
    Estoy utilizando un PLC s7 comunicado por ptofinet con un UR 
    Ya puedo enviarle boleanas al PLC y yo recibir boleanas del PLC 
    Quisiera recibir una cadena de caracteres que me enviaste el PLC como puedo realizar dicha lectura 
    Al igual como podría enviar 

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