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bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 695 Expert
I would like to share with you the following video showing how to install Robotiw gripper on Doosan Robot.
Doosan adjust its software to ease gripper installation and programming. It takes just few minutes to make this installation.


Before the first action, the gripper have to do it is activation process. This is done on the first gripper action (grasp or release) that you have in your program. It is good practise to insert a gripper action at the beginning of your program to manage gripper activation.

There are grippers functions which are not implemented in Doosan program nodes like object detection, finger position feedback,...
Those function can be use by reading and writing gripper modbus registers in one line of custom code. It is quite simple.

Write a register:
set_modbus_output("<enter register name>",<enter value>)

Read a register:
get_modbus_input("<enter register name>")

Details on gripper modbus registers are available in the manual which can be downloaded from our support page:


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