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jspencer86jspencer86 Posts: 2 Recruit


I'm working on an application using a UR5 robot where I basically need to repeatedly pull tissues from a tissue box. I need the robot to be able to detect when it successfully grasps a tissue, or better yet, when it fails to do so. The problem is that because the tissue is so thin, using the object detection feature does not work. The robot sees its gripper as fully closed regardless of whether it has actually grabbed a tissue or not.

I do have a force torque sensor installed on the arm, and was playing around with trying to capture those measurements to be able to tell the robot that it failed to pull a tissue, but I have had no success.

I'm hoping that someone here might have a simple idea to solve this problem, because my internet searches have so far been fruitless!

Thanks in advance!

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  • jspencer86jspencer86 Posts: 2 Recruit

    Thank you both for the replies! We were considering utilizing sensors, but I had not thought of mounting the sensor directly onto the gripper. So, that is something to consider!

    And thanks for the link to New Scale, Matthew. Those grippers might be just what I need!

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