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MatArMatAr Posts: 1 Recruit

I'm just starting to use a Universal Robot and I need to program a pick and place loop. 

I installed the Robotiq Grippers URCap 1.2.1 because I can't find any latest version different from the 1.8.1 which isn't compatible with my CB3.0 controller.
I achieve to use the robot and the gripper manually (with the movement interface), but when I come to program the enclosing or opening of the gripper, an error message appears:

"Modifications to program tree must be inside a 'UndoableChange' scope. Use 'UndoRedoManager' to group undoable changes"

I tried everything I thought to but can't find how to fix this. I really need this to work and have no more ideas ..

Hope you'll be able to help me.

Thank you ! 


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