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IcIIcI Posts: 4 Apprentice

I am using the Path generator from the Finishing Copilot on an UR5e. I have a new complicated task requiring ~45 paths.
Programming became slow after 25 paths. And very slow at the end. Is there an easy way either to split the program or to increase the available memory for this task.
When running the full program, all the interface became unresponsive and I have no way to interact anymore with the UR. When it finished I have to push the power button... and reboot.
Is there an easier way?
Any help welcome.
I thought about script but do not understand yet how to make it work with the path genereator...

Thanks in advance fo any advice.



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  • IcIIcI Posts: 4 Apprentice
    Thanks for the reply and the help. I was on a older version... 
    Updating to the latest help a lot, updating a generated path and navigating throught the program.
    Remains the fact, that when running the program, I cannot pause, resume or stopped it properly :(
    I am still running polyscope 5.5.1. I will try updating to 5.6 Next time the robot is not running. Maybe this will help.


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