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ISellickISellick Posts: 1 Recruit
can anyone help with destacking from within a pallet sequence. 
I am using a magnetic gripper. 
Ive heard I can’t use Seek and have to use Find Surface


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 595 Expert
    Maybe you could have a look to this post:

    Please share if you have any precise questions.
  • cobottiukkocobottiukko Posts: 17 Handy
    Here is what we just did to our customer's robot cell. This is palletizing example so you have to think a bit differently.
    Don't mind the yellow nodes, I didn't have a Copilot license in virtual Polyscope. The apply contact offset is used for relocating the pallet after it has been changed to empty one by operator. I think you can just ignore that node.

    Basically we just inserted Find Surface node inside palletizing template to find the surface of a pallet. When surface is found robot retracts 1 mm to open the grippers safely for dropping the part.

    In your case you could just use Find Surface node as below but instead of retracting 1 mm you just set your magnet gripper ON to grip the part. I hope this helps you.

    Maybe you could use this to make 

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