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DieterDieter Posts: 3Unconfirmed Apprentice

I am using a UR3e and some UR_script functions. My program is supposed to drive to three positions of a Surface, calculate the normalvector (nx, ny, nz) and then calculating the rotation around x and y of normal Vector:
- Rx is calculated by Rx= -arctan(ny/nz)  
- Ry is calculated by Ry=arctan(nx/nz)
Now i want to drive to a pose "p1" relative to the calculated rotation of the global coordinate System rot_cs = p[0,0,0,Rx,Rx,0]. So I am calculating the new pose by using pose_trans(rot_cs, p1). But it's not working. I cannot find the mistake. What am I missing when I want to do the Transformation?

Thank you



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