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Hello Mr Matthew , Thank you for your reply 
I think i'm more inclined to use Ethernet IP , but based on the UR ROS Modern driver , the way it works by opening Ethernet socket  and making UR as a client and the PC as the server to ask for the joints position and running a URScript on UR that reads these position and as you said using servoj command 
when i contacted UR , they told me about using an Ethernet Socket too , but the issue is that i need the PLC  to be the Client and open two sockets , one for each UR controller , as i have two robots that need to be controlled from the PLC , and i need the PLC to send and receive data from each UR  based on its opened socket and IP address 
Beckhoff has a TCP library that creates sockets and other blocks that can make the PLC either a server and listens to an opened socket and then receive or send data , and other blocks to make it a client , so it opens the socket and then based on the returned handle and from the open socket with a certain IP AND Port , it can send and receive data to the server 

the reason i want to make the PLC client (Master )and the URs  Servers (Slaves ) , is that i want the PLC to be in control to send the joint variables and commands and then receive feedback from the URs based on the over all logic 

all the search i have done ,found that UR is always client , like in this example by UR

so i wonder how to make the UR as servers ?
and the script that i need to develop to run on UR , i want to make it to execute the recieved joint positions ,and read inputs and outputs ,safety status to make it available for the PLC to read it , if you please could guide me  how to do this 
i read in this link that Profinet is faster ,more deterministic and reliable than Ethernet IP
Is there much difference in the implementation of both protocols for the same applications on UR ?

Sorry for the long post , but i hope i made it clear