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You may be interesting in getting the finger position of 2F or Hand-e gripper on TM robot.
At the time of the post the TM component we provide does not include a function to retrieve finger position. I would like to share with you solutions to get this information.

The first solution use a low level serial communication system called "TmComm". It is not dedicated to ModbusRTU. This system allow to send and receive any kind of data from the serial ports of TM robot.

The program start with a gripper activation and a gripper open. This is just to position the gripper at a requested position before accessing the current position of the gripper.

After the gripper finger action is complete a series of low level operation is done using "TmComm" to get finger position.

  1. In the first column the MobusRTU command is built and display on the screen for 5s. In this example the command read 3 registers from address 2000. Those registers contain Byte 0 to 5 of "Robot Input / Status" of the gripper. Byte 4 contains information about current finger position.
    Check gripper documentation on Robotiq support page for more details about gripper register and ModbusRTU control.
  2. In the second column the ModbusRTU command is transmitted via TmComm.
  3. In the third column the response of the gripper of checked. First the program checks if there is a response, then it checks if the response Modbus CRC is correct.
  4. Finally on the last column the finger position is extracted from the response and display on the screen.
The program is attached to this post.