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I would like to share with you a solution to trigger TM robot safety stop when a force or torque superior the your safety limit is detected by the FT300.

The TM project file is attached to this post.

Here below is the main program of the project with a description:

  1. I use the TouchStop node to make FT300 zero.
  2. I set the digital Output 0 DO0 to Low. I connected to DO0 a relais which open safety A contact if DO0 is high. If DO0 is low the robot operate normally, if DO0 is high the robot pause. I would also have connected the relais to estop connection to get a complete protective stop.
  3. I set the variable floatZForce egale to the Z force of the FT300. I was first time for me to retrieve to force of the FT300 in a variable, I was surprise to see that it is very simple to do.
  4. I display the variable floatZForce which hold the FT300 force value.
  5. I way 0.5s
  6. I look to the node 2 and redo the procedure.
In short, this program is just updating a variable with the Z force and display it on the screen. The robot is not moving.


Here below is the thread 1 with a description:
  1. I wait 2s. This is for the main program to have time to make the zero of the FT300. 2s is probably more than needed.
  2. I make a if condition which check the Z force of the FT300. If the absolute value of the Z force is more than a limit (here 10N) I set DO0 to high. If the absolute value of the Z force remain under the limit I set DO0 to low.
  3. I wait for 0.5s. This is just to lower the frequency of the safety check.
  4. I to the node 2 and redo the force check procedure.
In short this program is monitoring the Z force and trigger the safety robot pause if the force goes over the limit.


Here below is the description of the connection of DO0, relay and safety A of the controller.