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I have been working on an integration of the 2 finger gripper with the Zimmer tool changer with Ethernet I/P.

Mechanical Installation

So basically, for the bolt pattern of the Zimmer tool changer, you'll need an adapter plate custom as we don't have it as a standard yet.

Communication Installation
Also, the gripper communicates in Modbus RTU over RS485 so you'll need the Robotiq Universal controller to convert it in EtherNet IP.

Here is how the connection would work:

  1. You'll need to cut the coupling pigtail and wire it to the Zimmer tool changer using the right module. (Here is the pinout of the pigtail wire)
  2. Then, you'll need to connect a Robotiq device cable from the Zimmer Tool changer and to the Robotiq Universal Controller to convert the signal in EtherNet IP.
  3. After, you'll use another cable from the Robotiq controller to the robot controller.
Here is a draft list of what you'll need:

- AGC-GRP-140 (1)
- UNI-CTR-001-ENIP (1)
- AGC-CPL-062-002 (1)
- Adapter Plate - TBD (1)
- CBL-COM-2067-10 (1) (M12 connector to combicon for Robotiq Controller)
- ACC-ADT-USB-RS485 (1)
- AGC-TIP-220-140 (2) (Finger tip as needed (silicone one for now))

* The cable from the Robotiq controller to the robot controller left at your choice (RJ45 out of the Robotiq controller)

Let me know if you have questions or comments.