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tylermartintylermartin Founding Pro Posts: 26 Handy
Have there been any attempts to create a gripper from Robotiq that can be wired through the UR M8 connector. From what I've read the UR isn't rated for enough current to run the Robotiq grippers. 

Having a UR with no cable management issues would make our lives a lot cleaner

The RG2 that universal also promotes offers this ability.

Tyler Martin

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  • Samuel_BouchardSamuel_Bouchard Posts: 150 Handy
    edited June 2016

    Hi Tyler, in fact, the limitation is the communication bandwidth available. In terms of power, as our grippers are self locking and don't continuously use current, we could deal with the internal power rating. We're not working on an internal wire version. We bet that future versions of the robot will support our current communication approach. When don't know when or if this will actually happen though.

    RG2 ability to connect at the wrist is indeed interesting. 
  • Nicolas_HardyNicolas_Hardy Posts: 10 Handy
    edited June 2016

    Hi Tyler,

    cable management could be done a different way. You gave a good example on how you do it the discussion on cable management. We have been used to wire setup through robot arm, but it varies a lot with the robot models and communication setup. For instance, we do it on some specific models that have separate connectors on the robot wrist for communication and power.
    Nicolas Hardy
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