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J_SpittlehouseJ_Spittlehouse Posts: 5 Apprentice
Hi All.

So I've been looking into calculating safe speeds etc according to TS15066.
and perhaps it's my bad maths, but when I use the figures from Annex A my results don't seem to tie up.
Example when I plug in the figures for

I guess my question is, have others found the same?

and if not does any one have examples using their own figures etc.



  • Philippe_LevesquePhilippe_Levesque Posts: 13 Apprentice
    Hi , what kind of robot do you use? Is it a collaborative robot or an industrial one ? The max speed for a collaborative robot cell is under 250mm/sec. If you stay under this limit, you can consider your robot speed safe and you don't need a safety scanner or safety fence to be category 4 of safety. Keep in your mind that is the application who is collaborative and not only the robot, it's why the risk assessment is needed and useful.

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