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Risk assessment is mandatory. You shall perform it at any changes or if part of the risk evaluation evolve.  

For safety setup, the cabling must fit local safety norms. Usually there is a local company specialized in making this accordingly to the norm and able to review and adapt existing setup. 

In the case you test it yourself:
(Note that this is not an exhaustive list or safety advice. It is just an introduction to safety normal practices. )   
You must ensure the cabling is matching best practice of the safety industry.
You must ensure safety remain if part of the safety equipment fail. 
You must check all active safety channel. 
You shall test losing each channel independently and receive an error and/or get the robot in safety situation. (By opening the circuit.)
You shall test both channels together and receive an error and/or get the robot in safety situation.
You shall reconnect both channels the way they must be.
You shall look at each node of connection of the channel so they remains well connected. 
You shall have (in a dual channel) both staying independent from start to the end. 
You shall test the system work the way it is intended. 
You shall test the system block the way it shall block unintended use. 
You shall try all inputs. Alone and with others.

I may have missed a few checks. If someone else notice, feel free to add it. 

Program safely. Reduced mode and Cobot is, of course, mandatory for human collaboration or presence.