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NicjephNicjeph Unconfirmed Posts: 1 Recruit
Hi collective minds,

I am setting up a robotiq 2 finger gripper on a kuka iiwa 14 R820 

I have followed all the instruction on your discussion pages as well as this tutorial on GitHub https://github.com/ELZo3/RobotiqGripper-2F85-EtherCat-Control

I have mapped all the I/O exported the file from workvisual to sunrise. I sent the information to the controller/pendant only to get the an error with the SYS-X44 bus as per the attached image.

Any help to solve this would be appreciated.


  • David_GouffeDavid_Gouffe Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 56 Handy

    -Do you have "the gripper's controller" for EtherCAT ? (As described below.) 
    """3- Add the gripper's controller "NIC 50-RE/ECS" to the KUKA Extension BUS (SYS-44)"""

    If you only have the wire and the serial to USB adapter, you probably do not have the Controller for EtherCAT. The module to male USB is Modbus-RTU to USB. The two fingers grippers (2F) use a controller to connect to industrial protocols. 

    Let me know if you are still stuck.
    Note that: Robotiq distributors and [email protected] are also good places if you are missing a part for your setup or need to solve a technical problem. 

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