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PrasannaPrasanna Posts: 56 Apprentice
Hi @matthewd92

i created a plane in UR5 cb series, i would like to send a boolean value once the robot move beyond my line to PLC.

I created a plane called Safe_Zone
I created a thread
But when i try to use the plane as a variable or pose, it got some error. 

Can you please help me on that. Is there any other method



  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,267 Handy
    Is your UR5 connected to the PLC via Ethernet/IP or Profinet?  If so, the PLC can monitor the position of the robot in real-time, you could just create the plane in the PLC and not have to send it.

    Also, did you make the feature you are trying to use as a safety plane a variable?  There is a checkbox on the feature on the installation tab.
  • PrasannaPrasanna Posts: 56 Apprentice
    Thanks @matthewd92
    Am connected via ethernetip 
    PLC program was doing by another guy he don't know how to do that and fortunately I  cannot involve. Bit i have provided all the float integers number for mapping and he receives the value as well. Still he cannot do

    So I have to do in robot, I did created a plane using features in the installation tab and checked the variable as well. But after that I don't know how to program the robot like if robot goes beyond the plane I need to change the value of variable. 
    Version 3.10.1
    If you have any idea pls let me know.... Even script is fine 
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