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PaulGWF said:
it seems quite odd that the socket_open returns true when connecting to a host that is unreachable.
This might seem very basic to you but are you sure that you are using the correct host address and port?
Yes, that's why I decided to post it here to check if someone else had the same issue before or not!
I validated that the port and IP are correct for openning the socket. 
I am still working on this issue! Will keep you updated if I found an answer to this!


bcastets said:
Maybe can use modbus register of the robot and a stread to check if the connection is correctly running.

- Set a modbus register variable by default the value will be 0 (not connected)
- Make stread on your PC which periodically write a 1 in the modbus register of the robot.
- Make a stread on the robot which:

  • return the modbus register variable to 0 if it is a 1.
  • display a disconnection message if the variable is at 0
If the tread frequency on the robot is twice less than the tread frequency of the PC stread, it should work.

I hope it helps,

Thanks for your help.
I will try your solution in the near future. I decided not to continue using this validation in my program for now.