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MatthiasMayrMatthiasMayr Posts: 1 Recruit

There are posts that suggest that the 3 finger hand can be simulated in Gazebo [1].
However if I start the shipped launch file
mon launch robotiq_3f_gripper_articulated_gazebo robotiq_gripper_empty_world.launch
I only get empty world in Gazebo with an non-moving hand. I am missing the step where I can control the hand in any way.
The only additional topic I get is 
but it also doesn't publish anything.
According to the Atlas tutorial it looks like there should be additional nodes for the state and commands [2].

What am I missing? I can't find additional executables or launch files in the Gazebo packages.

Technical details:
This is with Ubuntu 18.04, melodic and Gazebo 9.0. I cloned the ros-industrial/robotiq repo today.


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