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Here are the different packages which allow you to control the 3-Finger Gripper and simulate it using the Gazebo simulator which is commonly used with ROS:

  • Articulated Gazebo (robotiq_3f_gripper_articulated_gazebo & plugins) — Loads up the articulated model of the gripper into an empty Gazebo simulation.

With the new package, you can really get a grip on the functionalities of the 3-Finger Gripper!


Hi, I am sorry if it is not adequate to refloat a post.

I have been working on a robotic simulation of a UR arm with one of the Robotiq grippers. First I tried to simulate the robot system in Gazebo with a 2f_85 attached to the arm. However this configuration led me to lots of errors while simulating. As I have investigating it's a common error and there are several questions in this forum regarding that topic. It seems that the base of the gripper does not work well in Gazebo despite that it does work well in Rviz. So instead giving up and going for the non-official packages for example StanleyInnovation or Beta-Robotics packages that seem to work well, I tried to simulate the 3 finger hand.

I have been tweaking the official URDF files of the hand in order to add the <transmission> tags that I was not able to find. Indeed I am able to load the hand in Gazebo, I have created the correspondant .yaml controller file. But, when the simulation loads the hand wobbles a lot. I've trying to tune up the pid gains (since I decided to use a effort_controllers/JointTrajectoryController type), but with no luck. The hand does not stop wobbling. The thing is that all the topics and services seem to be OK, I can start a Joint State Controller in Rqt but the hands continue to shake.

I was wondering if it is due to the damping, mass or inertia of the links. I'm almost sure that the pid gains has something to do with that. But I have looking to the controllers of another similar hand gripper package and the controllers are not as detailed as mine. Do you have any idea of adequate values for my case?

Thank you anyway!