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VarlakVarlak Posts: 1 Recruit
Hi eveyone,

I am currently working on an application using the Robotiq Wrist Camera. It detects the parts i'm using perfectly, but I wanted to try the Gripper Clearance Validation option. It also detects perfectly wether the robot should or shouldn't go and pick the parts, however I didn't find a way to add steps in case the clearance failed.
Is there a way to program something like this ? :
if (cleared):
       *performs action*
else :
       *performs action*
Or is it possible to get the coordinates of the parts that are too close to each other ?

Thank you


  • David_GouffeDavid_Gouffe Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 56 Handy

    The trick for now is to process parts that can be picked. Then before adding new parts in the field of view, use a new "Cam Locate" to find all the part that remains and instead of going to pick them with the gripper, use a move sequence to bump on them to move them around and create clearance for the fingers. 

    The other trick is to use Insights to warn a human to get the part away or move them around to free fingers spaces or to bring parts with the clearance. This is less automated but can solve low occurrence challenge of part not possible to pick. 

    The else is not managed for now as we did not expect to have much client using it. We might integrate it if we see demands from the users.

    -Would you use such a feature (else sequence for parts found but not clear for the gripper) ?
    N.B.: There is now a else sequence for no part found ! 

    -How do you expect to solve the impossible to pick ? ( Ex.: Bump with the finger tips and securing the move down with a find surface, something else, ... )

    For now the second "Cam Locate" should be the best way to make it work. 

    Enjoy "Gripper Clearance Validation" and "Cam Locate" nodes. 

    David Gouffé
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