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buchnichbuchnich Posts: 2 Recruit

I am trying to integrate a UR-10e. I took off the gripper for testing. I'm trying to make a function that moves the robot up linearly in the z-axis to some predetermined 'safe height'. Obviously, the TCP payload and COG have all been set to 0. However, whenever I try to execute the following code, I get any number of errors, including but not limited to C204A2, C218A0, C204A1, C159A3, and C153A3. I most often see "Sudden change in target position". Note: the move always works after a reboot, but only one time, then it starts to error again. It seems like Wrist 1 may be part of the problem. Can anyone see what may be the issue? 
def moveToSafeHeight():
              if is_steady():
                     currentPose = get_actual_tcp_pose()
                     currentPose[2] = safeHeight
                     movel(currentPose, a=0.5,v=0.5)

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  • buchnichbuchnich Posts: 2 Recruit
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    I removed the stopj() in case that was the issue. It still experienced errors. We actually had the safety control board replaced and the issue went away, so we believe that the control board was faulty.


  • Philippe_LevesquePhilippe_Levesque Posts: 13 Apprentice
    i see in your code than just after the stopj(1) you dont have a delay to let the robot completely stop and maybe if is not steady you skip to the next instruction. Did you tried to put a wait is_steady ? 
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