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MathieuPMathieuP Posts: 2 Recruit

I use the force copilot with a trajectory record. I add a collision monitoring with 10N limit. I chose the option: security stop to resume the program upon acceptance of the message.
But I ask myself a question: Is it possible to close a pop up with a notion of time of appearance?
I saw that a subject had already been treated on the subject but for this case it is a little different. The pop-up appears once the force limit is reached, so it's not a pop up present in the programming sequence, it's an unpredictable event that wants to be unpredictable. The idea would be to make a force control thread with an override evaluation condition with the socket function: pop up close. But this function should be applied only during the trajectory, because after I have an insertion phase, which means that the trajectory is a small part of my program.
Can we start a thread at the beginning of the function trajectory and close when the function stops?
More simply, close a thread at one level of the program and not until the end?
 Finally, can the trajectory function be included in a force control thread with pop-up closure, subject to a time-out?

If you have any other suggestions?

 Thank you very much in advance for your help  :) 


Mathieu P


  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 674 Expert
    I think there is no way to control popup in the force monitoring function of the copilote urcap. How ever you could develop your own function.
    That would be a thread that continuously check the force and display a popup for a certain amount of time if the reference force is reached.
    That being said I don t know how you can control popup display time. Maybe you can kill the thread that display the popup with another thread.

  • MathieuPMathieuP Posts: 2 Recruit

    Thank you for your help. I will try with your ideas 


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