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So we are working on a silicone dispensing application where we are placing silicone inside of a cup in the corners.  We have designed a tool holder that allows us to hold the pneumatic syringe at an angle so that we can reach the corner of the cup and set-up a TCP with the appropriate offsets in the Z&Y axes.  On Saturday we were able to use a MoveP with 2 circle moves to circumscribe the correct circle and follow the contour of the cup.  I made a new fixture which we mounted yesterday and so wanted to realign the moves with the new fixture and since then I have been having issues, see this video.  I am teaching the points using TCP_3 which corresponds to this tool.  I have them set the TCP in the moveP to be TCP_3, I have tried using a set command to just set the TCP before the moveP and left the TCP blank on the moveP and nothing seems to be helping....what am I doing wrong or is this a bug?  The really strange part to me as you can see in the video is that when I step through the program the circle moves are done as expected and taught, its only when I press play that the tool moves to the outside of the part and traces the circle with the tool held 180 degrees rotated.

Here is a video of the process as it was running on Saturday before we had placed the cup fixture.

If you need anymore information please let me know.  I have come up with a workaround that is working quite well but its not as smooth a motion.  Basically I have broken the circle up into 720 arcs and am using variable waypoints to go to each of the points.  At 720 arcs its pretty smooth, we were able to get it even smoother than the video by working with the accelerations, here is a video of this operating.