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tjcoopertjcooper Partner Posts: 6 Apprentice
  We are new to Yaskawa robots and have a project coming up where we will have to monitor force in one axis. This is a polishing application. How hard is it to tie a FT300 into a Yaskawa controller?  How difficult is it to program? Thank you.


  • Gabriel_BoucherGabriel_Boucher Posts: 6 Apprentice
    Hello @tjcooper,

    We currently do not support the FT300 on Yaskawa controller. It may be possible using a gateway such as Anybus to convert the signal from the sensor (RS485 Modbus RTU) to communication signal of your choice (such as Ethernet/IP). As for programming it on the Yaskawa controller, it will depend on how easy it is to access the communication. My experience with the grippers is that the communication setup can be a bit long to do but the use is fairly easy.
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