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David_GouffeDavid_Gouffe Posts: 17Vacuum Beta tester Apprentice
Programming also means testing program. On UR robots, there is no start here or from here. 

Here is the work around. 

The switch case structure allows you to test sub part of your code. 

The principle of this structure is simple: 
Use a numerical variable pointing the part of code you want to do.
Use the switch structure to read its content and match it with the good case. 
Put your code inside a folder inside of each case. 
Each case can assign the next step value to the variable. 

Using this, you can skip the Case 1 and Case 2 when testing making My_Switch_Variable = 3. This way, you execute the Case 3 . 

This is useful when programming, testing or to try a new way to process a part of the program without affecting the previously tested part of it. 

If you need to restart the program after a power cut, having the My_Switch_Variable saved permanently will let your program restart inside the good Case and the good part of the sequence. 

This is almost like making a "jump to" or "go to" structure in old programming language as "C" . 

I use it inside a loop sequence and count using some Insights tag to track when a step is done and if some Case are more prone to fail. 

Hope this helps. 

David Gouffé

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