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PrasannaPrasanna Posts: 56 Apprentice
Hello @matthewd92

Can i use Transpose, poseadd or posesub with planes instead of pose.
1. i am having two pallets. positions are teach through excel sheet. reference from center point of the pallet.
2. To teach center point am using features( plane). from origin, x and Y i will find my center point.
3. then i use pose add(current tcp, center point of plane1).

Instead of using center point can i use Plane itself for Poseadd function. 
This is because using center point giving me good result for one pallet but for another pallet i found some orientation issues in UR3e.


  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,266 Handy
    Yes, you can use the plane variable with the pose math functions. One thing to remember when setting up the plane is the Z axis orientation of the plane. Depending on which version of Polyscope you are running the third point you teach either teaches the +X direction or the +Y direction and the first two points are +Y or +X (origin, +Y, +X being CB3 prior to 3.7) and (origin, +X, +Y being e-series and CB3 3.7+), so since that third point sets the +X or +Y depending on which side of the first axis you taught will set the Z axis of the plane. 

    When you are doing pose_trans, the math aligns the z-axis of the tool with the z-axis of the plane so if the plane is not pointing in the same direction as the tool the robot will align them and so could try to flip under the plane and come at it from 180 degrees away. You can either correct that by changing the z axis to align with the tool or in the pose Trans apply a 180 rotation to either the x or y axis to reorient everything. My practice is to align the z axis of the feature to be how I want the tool to approach the feature if I’m going to use pose_trans
  • PrasannaPrasanna Posts: 56 Apprentice
    edited April 2019
    Thanks for your answer @matthewd92
    But the problem am facing is totally different, I am using E-series and taught plane as (Origin, +X and +Y) but the Rz orientation having issue.
    For Example, 
    when i use poseadd, current tcp to Rz-90 degree, robot moves 93 degree. And it is happening for only one pallet other pallet works good. Current TCP for Both pallets at same location.

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