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BramdeLeegeBramdeLeege Posts: 1 Recruit
Hi Robotiq Community!

I'm doing my master thesis with the UR10, ROS and Matlab and am trying to achieve something quite complicated, apparently. I focus on the case of "Frozen shoulder" where a patent isn't able to move his shoulder joint all the way up on his/her own. The robot moves the patient's hand along an predetermined path and measures the resistance using the FT300-sensor. When it registers to much resistance or no resistance at all, the robot stops, shortens it's path a bit and then continues. That's easy.

For a second part of my thesis, I wan't to use the UR10 as a fitness device proving the needed resistance for muscle growth. So again, there is an ideal, predetermined path (eg. shoulder press) but now the human is doing the work. The UR10 should provide resistance to the human's motion in the opposite direction while making sure the human hands stays on the path the best it can. So it's more or less the free drive mode of the UR10 using the FT sensor but with variable values controlled by Matlab via ROS.

Well, at least that's what I think I should work on. Do you guys have any experience in this field? Tips and tricks? Links to literature that might help me?


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