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Following the launch of ISO/TS 15066, we worked on documentation to help pros make compliant risk assessments, here is the result!

How to Perform a ISO/TS 15066-Compliant Risk Assessment eBook

Ready to get started with improved safety with collaborative robots? This is your guide.  This ebook explains each part of the document, how to fill it up, and why it's there. Follow the guide to perform those risk assessments and comply with ISO/TS 15066. This ebook also comes with an Excel template for you to use.

Get the ebook here.

Risk Assessment  Excel Template

In this Excel file, you'll find all the sections needed to complete a full risk assessment. The Excel file is fully editable and contains a example of a risk assessment for Robotiq grippers on Universal Robots. 

  • Project identification and description
  • Method for risk analysis
  • Machine description, including control system and specifications
  • Risk estimates and evaluation criteria
  • Hazard findings and analysis
  • Risk reduction strategy
Get the template here.

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