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KadamsKadams Unconfirmed Posts: 1 Recruit
I have been reading through the DoF community, and believe it is very helpful and strengthens the utilization of cobots. Not sure of the meaning of the  letters DoF?


  • ergunergun Unconfirmed Posts: 1 Recruit
    Dof stands for degrees of freedom. It’s a robotics term that defines the number of axis on a system. 
  • KevinBergerKevinBerger Posts: 3 Apprentice
    in robotics, it has nothing to do with the number of Axis, if used properly.  It has to do with the ability of the item in the manipulator to be changed in reference to the world space.  The reason for this is that technically a 5/6/7 axis robot can give a part all 6 DoF's, but have different number of axis's.  The 6 DoF's are +/- X, Y, Z, and rotation around said axis. As shown in this picture I copied from Wikipedia.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_degrees_of_freedom 

    Image result for 6 degrees of freedom
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