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Hi all. I am a teacher in Wisconsin. This year I got a UR5 to teach my advanced manufacturing classes more about automation in industry. Figured I would just start with pick and place, and grow my curriculum with it over time to work with sensors to sort parts, hopefully getting to the point of some very basic machine tending. This past week, a local company donated a conveyor system to my program, and I would like to integrate it with the UR5. I did some testing and just ran they conveyor manually, but I need some help with the inputs and outputs in order to have the UR5 tell the conveyor to start and stop. I know a little bit about running inputs and outputs, but I know very little about wiring them. So in addition to any help you can provide me, if you have any educational resources to direct me to so that I can learn and teach my students better, I would be very appreciative!

The conveyor is controlled by a Lenze SMVector. I've never seen one before. The following pictures show the terminal strip and related information from the book:


I am trying to get the UR5 to use a digital output to the conveyor Terminal 1 digital input which is supposed to be to start and stop the conveyor. These are the input and output ports I have available inside the UR5 control box:


I'm really just not sure about the wiring process. Would my DO4 output go into Terminal 1 on the conveyor and then the corresponding 0V go into Terminal 4, which is the Digital Reference? I'm not sure on this and I don't want to damage anything, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated!