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roehlkkroehlkk Posts: 19 Apprentice
Hi all, 
I am currently trying to interface with a DMG Mori with a Profibus master robot interface and a DP/DP coupler I am having very little luck getting this set up. 
My setup so far is as follows. I have a compact logix PLC talking to the robot via Ethernet/IP the PLC is also talking with an Anybus Xgateway that is setup to be an Ethernet/IP slave on one end and a Profibus slave on the other end. I have the robot to the PLC working, as well as the PLC to the Anybus Xgateway. where I am struggling is getting the Anybus Xgateway to communicate to the machine. 
Am I using the wrong hardware? Is there an easier way to do this? Any help would be much appreciated!  

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  • roehlkkroehlkk Posts: 19 Apprentice
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    After looking into the problem in greater detail I found that DMG Mori's documentation was wrong. The DP/DP coupler is for having a Profibus master to Profibus master, the coupler is a slave to both masters. switching my Anybus Xgateway to have a Profibus master on one end and a Ethernet/IP slave on the other end should fix my issues. Anybus part number AB-7800. the PLC is a 5069-L306ER Compactlogix.


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