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takahirotakahiro Posts: 5 Apprentice
Hi, I'd like to ask whether PolyScope program in UR Control Box can be started by remote from another PC or not.

I'm using UR5 with UR Control Box and we control robot from another PC by remote. Normally, I start PolyScope program with teach pendant by hand, then another PC start to communicate with UR Control Box.
I'm thinking that I want to automate to start PolyScope program with teach pendant.
For example, can we send a command via port 30002 to start PolyScope program ?

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  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,250 Handy
    If you are using RTDE with your PC to communicate with the robot you can also set one of the digital inputs to be a start button then mask that input and control it over RTDE. You can also set one of the Boolean registers to be a start button and do the same thing. We do this when adding an HMI and PLC to a cell where we want to give the operator the ability to start the program from the HMI. 

    We also use the dashboard server for sendong play and play and pause commands to the robot as @louis_bergeron recommened
  • takahirotakahiro Posts: 5 Apprentice
    Hi Louis and Mattewd,

    I confirmed that I could load and play by remote with UR simulator.
    I believe this information help our project to be more convenient. I really appriciate your quick support !!
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