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These guidelines can be use for any integration of the 2-Finger gripper 85/140 with any robot model.

Here are some guidelines to determine if your robot can be integrated with a 2-Finger gripper 85/140.

Mechanical Installation

The 2-finger gripper is installed on a robot flange using a coupling. This coupling also has the electrical and communication pigtail cable. In some cases, an adapter plate is required with the coupling.

*You can always reach out to one of our Robotiq Application Engineer to assist you in finding the right components for your integration.

Electrical Installation

Both the power and the communication are wired through the provided pigtail cable of the coupling. As far as power goes, simply use the right cables (red and black) to plug in your 24V DC power source in your robot controller.


Communication Setup

The 2-Finger gripper communicates in RS-485. So according to your robot, you can either directly use this communication protocol (with a USB converter or not) or you’ll have to use Robotiq Universal controller to convert the signal into another protocol.


The Robotiq Universal Controller enable fieldbus communication between the 2-Finger gripper and the robot controller. Many options are available: Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, DeviceNET, CANOpen, ProfiNet and ProfiBus.

To confirm all the needed component for the best integration possible, feel free to contact a Robotiq Application Engineer.

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