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Thank you for your answer @matthewd92.
I understand what you are saying, but this is not the solution to my problem because I do not want to overwrite the variable in the installation file with an assignment in the Robot Program each time that the code is run, but just when I'm selecting that option. At the same time, however, I would like that, when I overworte the installation variable with an assignment, as you said, that value would be stored inside the robot  so that I will not lose it when I will turn it off and then on again. 
My problem is that the pose defined in the installation tab of the Teach Pendant represents a reference frame according to which the waypoints in the Robot Program are defined. The coordinates, according to the robot base frame, of this reference frame can change in time because, for example, the robot has been moved in an other position. After this operation, I have to move the TCP again on the point in which I decided to set the reference frame and store the coordinates of this point, but without manually inserting them in the installtion tab. To do so, I use a function I built inside the Robot Program by making an assignment of the new pose (in this way, as you said, I overwrite the pose defined in the installtion tab and it's perfect). In a second moment, however, if the robot will be turned off, but it's position is not changed, I don't have to call the function to assign the coordinates of the reference frame according to which all the waypoints are defined, because it hasn't changed from the previous one. But, because of the fact that it was not defined in the installation file, I lost the its coordinates and so the robot will use the wrong pose defined in the installtion file.
Am I wrong

Thank you very much for your help