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bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 654 Expert
edited November 2018 in Programming
I would like to share with you a method to easily setup wrist camera position to fit calibration board.

To calibrate the camera, it is necessary to have it as parallel as possible to the working plane and have the calibration fit nearly 100% of the filed of view. Doing that by using teach pendant freedrive button is possible but orientation control is very difficult. Using the move interface is also possible but you have to switch between move and camera menu until reaching a correct position.

The method I propose use FT sensor functionalities:
  1. Using copilot tool bare, orientate the tool perpendicular to the working plane
  2. Use copilot activedrive in translation mode with only Z rotation activated to adjust orientation of the filed of view.
  3. Using the move interface, rotate the tool of 30 degree around its X axis
  4. Activate copilot active drive function in translation mode
  5. Display camera view in installation tab
  6. Move the robot until the calibration board fit the field of view of the camera
  7. Calibrate



  • bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 654 Expert
    Some modifications have been made in latest version on the camera URCAP which disable camera view when active drive function is running. Therefore my method is not working exactly same now. However active drive remain a good function to position the camera.

    I also received the remark that I would have been good to differentiate snapshot position and calibration position.

    When you define a snapshot position from scratch. The first step is to define the snapshot position (position from where the camera take the picture), the second step is to place the camera to fit the calibration board and start calibration.
    In my method the snapshot position is same as position to do calibration but it could be different.

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