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Yes exactly.



The short answer is that you compare each character with the search character and you store the position of it. 
For example:
"(" will be found only at the beginning. 
")" will be found only at the end.
"," will be found at each end of a parameter. 

Then you need to build up each parameters. 

This is a short answer but this is long to do programming each possibility with what "Kaleb" proposed : "str_at("A2", 0) " . 

Maybe it would be easier to use I/O inputs or to have a PC with a simple interface to send socket messages. 

The other way is the easiest and was proposed by "
GrantG_1 "
Make a sequence of popup to ask and retrieve answers. 
"I did a message popup with instructions to enter the integer on the next pop-up.  The next line of code was operator assignment of a variable which automatically pops up number field entry screen. "

String management can be time consuming, I suggest trying a work around that match production needs to "Start Production Faster". 

Hope this helps. 


David Gouffé
Integration Coach
Coach en intégration

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