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bcastetsbcastets Vacuum Beta tester Posts: 211 Handy
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I share with you a python program I did to control Robotiq grippers from a PC using Python and MODBUS RTU protocol.

The code is hosted on github: https://github.com/castetsb/pyRobotiqGripper

I did this program after receiving several questions about how to connect our gripper on different robots, PC,... If you want to make such prooject, I recommend that you check the user manual (https://robotiq.com/support/2f-85-2f-140/downloads-instruction-manual-cb-series?document=). Everything is explain in details with examples.
Robotiq grippers are using MODBUS RTU protocol and can be control just by writing command in their registers. I used  minimalMobus library to write in gripper register and request actions.

I hope this will help to understand how its working.


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