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BenjaminKBenjaminK Posts: 16 Apprentice

A customer asked the possibility of gripper using with Denso Robot. I said, basically 'YES' but came back here to get your confirmation. 
The communication interface of their Denso Robot is EtherCAT. But I'm not sure it works or not if they add the EtherCAT fieldbus option on gripper.
Besides, should they make a specific gripper coupling for Denso Robot?
What do you think?

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  • BenjaminKBenjaminK Posts: 16 Apprentice
    edited October 2018
    Then I may order 2F-85 along with EtherCAT fieldbus option(UNI-CTR-001-ECAT) to mount on Denso, right?
    Sometimes, confused which gripper model should I order for any other robot brands such as Denso, Yaskawa and so on.

    For the above case, should I order 2F-85 UR Kit(AGC-UR-KIT-002), EtherCAT Fieldbus option(UNI-CTR-001-ECAT) and coupling(AGC-CPL-063-002) for Denso VS-087? Or, should I choose 2F-85(AGC-GRP-002)?

    Advise me, please. 
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