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F_ReinickeF_Reinicke Posts: 6 Apprentice
Hi pros,
is there a way to get the Robot-State to an DO?
I want an digital Output that is high when the Robot is in normal State and low in all other States.

A Cap, or something, in the Backround that doesn´t need a Programm to run.
Or does somebody know a factory variable were the State can be seen?


  • JSchenaJSchena Posts: 10 Apprentice
    @F_Reinicke Are you talking about having an output high (or low) When the program is running (or ins't)? If so in the installation tab you can set different outputs to be high when i program is running, or high when theirs nothing running. Its the way we currently determine if there is a protective stop, it simply throws out an output to let the operator know . On the other hand if you are talking about reduced mode, vs normal operations im not sure if the same method can be applied. 
    Jon Schena
    Robotic Technician
    Tonnard Mfg. 
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