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FranRuggFranRugg Posts: 2 Recruit
hello everyone,
i wanted to ask a pair of things about the FT300:

- I recall the 1.3.x URCap had profinet connection problems, so the PLC was cut out, infact right now i have the 1.0.x which works fine.
So i wanted to know if the URCap 1.6.x has fixed this bug

- Another big problem was that the "Plane" movement does not block the movement along Z axis entirely, this was for both 1.0 and 1.3 URCap, i was wondering
if 1.6 URCap still has this Z not locked problem during plane activedrive.

-Due to those 2 problems i had to write a custom software which saves a path from user input keeping the Z blocked (using only the sensitivity of the FT300 in force and torque detected), but another problem arised:
since i wanted to store about 300 paths in the form of installation variables, whatever program which uses that installation takes too much time to
initialize even 3 4 paths (3-4 lists of poses), is there a workaround that you know of? it asks for a sleep or wait or a sync, but if i try to edit the program at
script level inserting a sleep, it somehow gets erased immediately when i run.


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