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DomDom Posts: 1 Recruit

I just acquired the UR3 cobot from Universal Robot and the FT300 sensor

On the other hand, I have captured  manual gesture (x,y position, and normal pressure as a function of (x,y) )

I would like to reproduce this gesture with the robot : no difficulties to reproduce the x,y path but how to control the normal pressure according to what i have previously recorded


  • Hi @Dom,

    Can you share the program you have so far? Are you trying to apply a constant force when the recorded path is playing?

    The path recording feature that is available with the FT 300 does not record the force that is applied while teaching the path. Only robot poses are recorded and played back.
    Nicholas Francoeur
    Co-Founder | Vanguard Robotics
    e:   [email protected]
    w:  vanguard-robotics.com
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