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AndyBarnesAndyBarnes Posts: 6 Apprentice

In my application, I'm trying to make moves of 0.1 mm or less, which is right on the limit of accuracy and resolution of the UR3 robot I'm using. I have noticed that when I command moves of less than 0.1 mm, the robot seems to ignore the command unless the net commanded move is greater than 0.1 mm. I can actually work around my dilemma by doing say a 0.11 mm move in one direction then , say a 0.16 mm move in the other direction to do a net 0.05 mm move. The robot position reflects this and sits at the 0.05 mm position as desired (with jitter obviously but I mostly care about the average position).

Is this a known problem? My workaround will work for me but it's a little on the cheesy side!

Thank you for any advice,

Andy Barnes.

QT Ultrasound Labs.


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