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This is Zahra Falamarzi, and I am studying master program in Waterloo School of Architecture, Canada. Our Fabrication Lab has recently equipped with 2 UR 10.

As a short summary, we are using “Rhinoceros” as 3d modeling software with a plugin “Grasshopper” to program the design. ” Scorpion” is the plugin as a robotic controller we use in grasshopper that works with UR10. There is a possibility that in the final stage extract the script from the software in *.txt or *.dat format or some other formats from the plugin in grasshopper, ready to transfer to the teach pendant with USB to executed by the robot arm.

I am the very first student start working with the robot to prototype the wall by asking the robot to pick and place bricks according to the script. I learned how to program the robot movement and gripper trough teach pendant.

The question is I do not know the exact language script for how to use the gripper and ask it to open or close with the specific force or speed through the script. I need the sample of the script( I mean the text format)for it in order to use it and transfer it in order to define an order for gripper in Grasshopper plugin.

I would very appreciate if you would advise or put me a sample script. Please let me know if I have to clarify my question.

please note that the gripper is 2-finger adaptive

Sorry in advance if my question seems very simple to you.

Very Best,

Zahra Falamarzi


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