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klacourtklacourt Posts: 12 Apprentice
We are building a deburring application with a UR5, and the parts have complex movements in a script generated with Artiminds.  There are multiple locations around the robot that will hold parts in fixtures.  The goal is to create one script for one location, and re-use that script at the other locations using UR Features.  We've used test programs created in PolyScope, and it will execute the program in any of the locations using features.  We then included the Artiminds script in the application program, but it just ran the script in the original location.  I noticed the Artiminds script uses movej in the script.  Is this the hangup?


  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,250 Handy
    What positions is the script doing the pose translation from?  probably from the base if you are using a movej in the script so yes that is the problem.  When you do a movel, movep or movec and choose a feature to base the move off it then does pose-translation from that feature back to base coordinates.  One thing you can try is to dynamically change the base variable by assigning it to be equal to your feature variables, you would need to teach all of the points relative to the feature you want to use, not the base of the robot.  Not sure how to do that in Artiminds.  Have you reached out to their tech support for help?
  • klacourtklacourt Posts: 12 Apprentice
    Yes, we have talked to Artiminds.  I am trying to work up a strategy for this, and it is a matter of which controller is "in control".  I would prefer to use the UR and use features to translate positions.  Artiminds can write the entire script, but I'd like to make it easy for the client to add parts to the PolyScope program.  Essentially build a UR framework that has 3 features (or work stations) and allows the operator to put any part in any location, providing they select the correct script (built by Artiminds) to clean that part, in that station.  For future additions of parts, just add a new script that has the motion commands for one feature and let the UR translate and execute it for the feature selected.

    We are using the base reference.  I would like to avoid teaching the same part in all locations, as that adds a lot more files to manage, and a lot more work generating scripts.  I will try to see if we can exclude movej from scripts...

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