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KevinKevin Posts: 4 Apprentice
edited September 2018 in Programming
Good evening.  I have a UR 10 with the RG2 gripper.  I'm wanting to incorporate part confirmation into my program, and not sure the best way to do this?  Could you send me your ideas.  Thanks


  • matthewd92matthewd92 Founding Pro, Tactile Sensor Beta Testers Posts: 1,250 Handy
    We have an RG2 on an application and we are using measured_width post pick to determine if we are holding the correct part, also using it to detect if we may have picked 2 parts. This is on a vision picking system where we are picking off of a vibratory feeder. Works pretty well in our application using this method. We just give a range of acceptable width for each of the parts that the robot can pick. 
  • KevinKevin Posts: 4 Apprentice
    Could you give me an example of the code you are using.  I've been trying to figure out how you access the RG2 width in an "IF" statement, and couldn't figure out how?  Maybe you are using script code for this?  Thanks for the help.  
  • RasmusLRasmusL Posts: 2 Recruit
    In the OnRobot RG2 user manual  you can find what variables you can use for the grippers in script code (Plus lots more):

    Feedback Variable Description
    grip_detected True/False True if Gripper has detected a work piece
    lost_grip True/False True if Gripper has dropped a work piece
    measure_width [mm] Width between the fingers of the Gripper

    But yes, you have to add them as script code, as the variables will not be loaded until you run it.
    So an example where the RG(0) loads the variables and you can then use it in the If:

    • Robot Program
      • MoveJ
        • Waypoint_Safe
        • Waypoint_Enter_Pick
      • RG2(0)
      • If grip_detected == True
        • MoveJ
          • Waypoint_Exit_Pick
      • Else
        • RG2(85)
        • MoveJ
          • Waypoint_Safe

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