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T800_412T800_412 Posts: 51 Apprentice
Robotiq developers, could you please add a feature to the snapshot position calibration routine, that will allow the programmer/engineer to set position limits of where the arm moves in order to complete the calibration?

I have a situation where I am trying to calibrate a new snapshot position, and the arm hits an object when taking the various pictures. I moved the object (not a desired thing) and then found that a second object (a vertical linear actuator) next to the calibration board, blocks the view slightly for another picture during the calibration process. Both things prevent the calibration from completing, so I am unable to use this desired position as a snapshot position.


  • Dany NoletDany Nolet Beta Tester Camera URCap 1.2.0-beta, Beta Tester Beetle, Wrist Camera URCap 1.3.0 Posts: 20 Apprentice
    You can define a new Snapshot position (by defining a new Variable feature point) and simply "copy" a pre-existing nearby Calibration. When teaching the object, this new Snapshot position will be used but the model will assume the object lies at the same workplane height & orientation than the calibration used. We recommend to use a Snapshot position "over/near" Calibration board position but there are cases - like yours - where it is difficult or impossible.

    In those cases, it is also often hard to do an automatic model. The solution for this is to use the method mentioned in section 6.4 of the manual, the ignore_snapshot_position = True sentence.

    Idealy, you will teach your object resting at the same height and locate your camera at the same height than the real working position. You will be able to teach your object, define its position and set the relative moveL at a convenient place.

    When testing the program, use a move to the (convenient) Teach Snapshot position just before the Camera Locate node, as usual.

    When running the program, enable a move to the working Snapshot position, suppress (disable) the Teach position move and add ignore_snapshot_position = True using a script instruction just before the Move to the real working position.

    This way, the program will be able to locate the object from a different position (clear of obstacle) than the one used during teach.

    Let us know if this answers your question.

    Dany Nolet

    Product Owner

    1-888-ROBOTIQ (762-6847) ext. 233

    [email protected]

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