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Hi @tjcooper

You could use our new FT Mode with a path recording.  The FT Mode is available in the latest version of our sensor URCap. It can be downloaded from our
support website.  In the following example, the robot will apply a 25N force in the Z tool axis while executing a pre-recorded path. This work only with a path recording at the moment.  Using the adaptive stiffness, the robot will detect by itself the best stiffness(It could be considered as a gain for the compensation)  If you don't use the adaptive stiffness, you need to set it according to the material stiffness you use. If you set 100% stiffness, the robot will not compensate. If you set a low value, the compensation will be faster. You can usually start with an 85% stiffness and adjust it to suit your needs. If you are using a soft material such as a foam, the stiffness should be about 65%, if the tool and material are made of metal, you should set a stiffness around 90%

Let me know if you have any problem using the FT Mode.

Best regards