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So @MattiasM going to ask a couple of questions, are you referring to showing a popup following a protective stop or when the protective stop occurs?  If so that is going to be a bit of a challenge to know when that has occurred unless you are using a separate system to monitor that condition, it is available on Modbus (register 261), RTDE as well as Profinet/Ethernet-IP.  Or are you using a FT sensor to detect when a collision has occurred and stop motion before a protective stop occurs?  If that is the case you can simply use the method below to notify the operator.

Native to the robot there is no way to concatenate strings today.  You can however use the script version of the popup command which would allow you to place the text in the title of the popup and then the value of the popup could be the variable in question.  You can also drop something to the log file by using the textmsg() script function, it allows for a message and a variable to be used and stores the message and value in the log files, could be useful for looking at later as well since you can always get the log file off the robot and open it up with either the
UR log reader or by opening the text file in something like notepad or a text editor.

If you are using a system to observe the state of the robot then you will need to latch the bit on that is set when the robot enters protective stop so that the robot will be able to see that it was set when the program paused execution on the protective stop.  We do this with our safety systems for letting the robot know for instance when the light curtain or safety scanner was broken so that decisions can be made in the program even though the program was halted while that incursion occurred.  We then issue a reset bit from the robot back to the controller to clear the latch until the next incursion.





The script manual can be found
here if you are running the latest polyscope, if not you can search for the version you need.

The command is really simple

popup(s, title=’Popup’, warning=False, error=False, blocking=False

  s: message string
  title: What you want the title to be or defaults to Popup
  warning, error: changes the severity of the popup graphic, info is default unless you change warning or error
  blocking: unless its marked True the popup will not block program execution.  The popup command found in the Structure tab uses blocking=True

var someVariable=3
var myMessage = "Hey the value of the variable when a collision was detected is"
popup(someVariable, myMessage, blocking=True)


Great! Thanks Matthew!